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Guidance for Online jobs in Sri Lanka – How to make money on Fiverr

Guidance for Online jobs in Sri Lanka - How to make money on Fiverr

Guidance for Online jobs in Sri Lanka , How to make money on Fiverr?, Fiverr is a wonderful website that offers a superb service to earn money online actually this is very good place for earn money online. It has allowed anyone in the world with access to an internet connection to give the ability to turn their talents to good use to provide themselves with a nice little supplement to their income.

Some people have managed to capture the essence of success so well that they make their entire living, so there isn’t any reason not to have a go yourself! Follow Correct Guidance for Online jobs in Sri Lanka.

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Fiverr has a poor image among some people, likely because they just threw a gig up without thinking about it and then got annoyed when nobody ordered.

The simple fact is, if you treat with a sensible and intelligent attitude, Fiverr can be a great supplement to your earnings, and if you’re good enough at what you do you may even be able to make it your full-time job.

Some guidance for fiverr online jobs in sri lanka about how to maximize your success on Fiverr

Firstly we’ll deal with tips regarding setting yourself up, and then we’ll deal with tips that can be applied to your continuing sales, let’s get started

Practice/Research – Before you start charging people for a certain service, you are going to have to make sure that you can master it, that you are beyond good at what you do.

Remember, people are going to be paying you for your work and if you are using the custom offer feature you may be charging a considerable amount for your services, just because it has been done through the relatively informal process Fiverr offers is no excuse for you to provide poor service.

Creating Your Gig – The main thing to remember when creating your gig is to get to the point!

Fiverr is a large website and people browse through it very quickly, so you need to make sure your website title and description are informative but terse. Say everything you need to say, but no more.

Also, it’s a good idea to forget modesty. Don’t go too far the other way and become arrogant and obnoxious, of course, but don’t be a shrinking violet either. If you know you provide a certain service better than absolutely anyone else, say so!

It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd in Fiverr, so make sure any visitors to your gig know exactly what you offer and exactly why you are the only person who can offer it the best.

Do some research around Fiverr, see what the top sellers are using for their gig images and descriptions, and take your cue from them. Though, DO NOT copy them, as Fiverr has stringent restrictions about such things and actively polices them, if you’re found out to be ripping off another seller there’s a highly probable chance you will be simply banned.

So while nobody will blame you for thorough research and adopting a good idea when you see one, make sure to keep your honor.

So those are some tips on getting started on Fiverr, now let’s have a look at some tips to inform your general practice on Fiverr.

Embrace the Unique!– As mentioned earlier, Fiverr is a large service and there are multiple thousands of gigs up for perusal at any one time. Have a look at your gig through impartial eyes and be completely honest with yourself.

  • What’s special about it?

  • What’s different about it?

  • Would I purchase this over the others?

Ask yourself these questions and be honest in your answers, because lying to yourself will only serve to lose YOU, potential customers, nobody else. If your gig is a carbon copy of hundreds of others you simply can’t expect to enjoy large amounts of success as there’s only so much business to go around.

Be unique, be successful.

The customer is always right! – Even when you know they’re wrong! That’s the golden rule of selling is that you always do whatever you can to make sure that your customer is going to be happy with the product you are providing.

Don’t go overboard with it, and don’t be servile otherwise, people will take advantage of you, but make sure that you are always presenting the very best service that people will find on Fiverr.

Without saying so, people often treat gigs they order on Fiverr as little tasters and tests. If they like the product you provide and they appreciate the service you offer.

Then there’s every single chance it could turn into a working partnership between you and will be a regular gig for you, so make sure that you are always cultivating potential long term working relationships wherever possible!

Be kind! – This one will not always be easy, because there are people in the world who will just test your patience. They will completely ignore key points in your gig description, provide you incorrect information or even change their mind completely just as you were about to finish off their delivery.

But always be kind to them and be professional. If you’re not, then you’re running the risk of incurring negative feedback, and if others see that in you then they’re going to be unlikely to want to risk ordering a gig from you themselves.

That’s not to say you just have to accept everything because they’re your customers, and there are limits to what a person can take, but, just make sure that always in your discourse with your clients you are personable, polite, and friendly. The chances are they will respond in kind.

If you have a grievance, by all means, let them know, but do so in a friendly manner and in the way you would like to be spoken to.

To conclude

So there are just some tips to help you start earning money fast on Fiverr, happy gigging!

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